Its hilarious, I just checked my site stats and my hits have just about quadrupled! Mention sex and you get all sorts of random folks. Somehow I don’t think my writings will be what they expected. Sometimes I think I’m just the kind of person that people don’t know what to say to, maybe my thoughts are too wandering.

My big excitement for the day is the repair of my antique drafting table. Last summer Beorn and I went to a yard sale and spotted it. It was huge, old, and in need of a couple of repairs. Well, this Fall was not the best time for us and after moving its been sitting behind the tub containing the fake Christmas tree that our rich friends gave us.

These folks are hilarious, they are white, but the guy has decided that he’s Buddhist. His wife has such low self esteem that she is trying to be the perfect June Cleaver housewife (she’s terrible at it) so she just goes along with whatever he says. Last year the guy got a job in LA so we helped them pack up and move. We got a ton of stuff that they didn’t have room to take with them. This guy is the most materialistic Buddhist I have ever met. He buys himself sports cars, racing bikes, and big screen TV’s yet their house was always messy and broken down. When they moved they gave us a big screen TV, an almost new Mac, an 80 gallon fish tank, and a fake Christmas tree. The tree was too big to fit into the attic in the box it was in, so this weekend I packed it up in giant trash bags and stuffed it up there.

Then I made a trip to the hardware store and managed to find exactly the stuff I needed to repair the table. I’m so excited to have a decent work space! Now I just need to figure out how to re-string the parallel rule. I would post a photo but we lost the power cord to the digital camera during the move. I swear half my life is just trying find objects that have gone MIA.