I hate planning. Not planning your activities for the day, I mean urban planning. I’m taking two classes related to planning this quarter and I’m so tired of it. Planning is all about rules, money, and politics. In the US it’s about making our cities comfortable for people zooming around in their cars talking on their cell phone and eating McDonalds. It’s also about making lots of money for developers.

People who work as planners are really pretty powerless to affect change. Planners employed by local governments are essentially working for the developers. Developers finance the campaigns of local city council members or county commissioners. Planners can’t propose anything too innovative for fear of upsetting someone. Outdated zoning regulations and ideas about what makes a city an economic success further push conservative plans.

I’m so tired of hearing about how we have to provide space for everyone to drive around (one person per car). So to counteract this overload here are a couple of links to projects that resist the dominance of the auto in our public spaces…

“(P) LOT by Michael Rakowitz

PARK(ing) by rebar
Isn’t that fabulous?