It’s funny because I read the feeds from several blogs that focus on comics from a woman’s /feminist’s perspective (i.e. Written World, When Fangirls ATTACK!, and Pretty, Fizzy Paradise) but since I rarely read the major label comics I usually don’t know what they are talking about. I’m interested in hearing about them because comics are related to other sci-fi/fantasy media forms and because I do read comics, just not the usual ones.

To illustrate my lack of knowledge…Although I do know a little background on the X-men, it’s not from having read the original comics. As a teen I watched some X-men on Saturday morning cartoons and enjoyed the first two movies in the trilogy. When I need to know more about the backstory and how the movies fit into the original stories I ask Beorn. After an interesting post on Writing as Jo(e) about what super power you would like to have, I decided I better watch the third movie. After reading some discouraging reviews from friendly feminist bloggers I never bothered to watch X-men 3 but after Jo(e)’s teenager suggested that she resembled phoenix it was time to take a look. After sitting through it, I was disgusted not only because of the phoenix storyline, but also the overall gender dynamics of the movie. So of course I had to question Beorn about the original Dark Phoenix storyline to see if the misogyny originated with the movie makers or with the original author. (If I can find a copy I plan to take a look at the comics someday.)

Back to my strange comics reading…

My favorite comic ever: Strangers in Paradise
Other paper comics I’ve read: (Comics about gaming, it can’t get dorkier than that.)
Knights of the Dinner Table
Dork Tower

Online comics I’ve been reading lately: (Watch out, some have adult content.)
Dykes to Watch Out For
The Devil’s Panties
PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper)
and my new fav…
Liliane Bi-Dyke

Anyone else read comics? What are some great underground, woman friendly comics?