I feel a little guilty about that last post, so to counteract the long, boring post all about me and my illnesses I thought I would post a couple of funny photos.

Earlier I posted picture of the Princess relaxing in the printer, but now BOK has decided the printer is his new favorite place to lounge.

Beorn and I also had some fun over the break making gingerbread cookies. It all started out innocently enough with gingerbread men and Christmas trees, but quickly turned creative. Beorn decided the star cookies needed a hammer and sickle. I don’t know how he made to pac-man cookies since we don’t have pac-man cookie cutters.

I also had a lot of fun during my vacation reading food-porn blogs. I wish I could take photos like Lex Culinaria or Nicky of delicious: days. After reading this collection of posts on making chocolate truffles I decided to pick the strangest ones and try making them. The mexican chocolate truffles with actual cayenne and cinnamon turned out a touch too spice for my taste. The wasabi-ginger truffles weren’t as bad as they sound, but ginger truffles without wasabi would be better. Most surprisingly, the earl grey tea truffles were delicious! Yum.

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