I’m in TA heaven. The prof leading this class is articulate and fun. His introductory lectures have been outlined the themes that will (hopefully) run throughout the course content. All this is not surprising, considering he is the department chair and has won awards for outstanding teaching, it is a big relief to me.

Also, even though the reader was only available to them this morning, most of the students in my sections actually read it, or at least part of it. They seemed relatively interested and volunteered comments without much prodding. Wow!

I’m in an interdisciplinary program, so all the other courses I have TAed have been in another department. Maybe students where more comfortable because this field has a stronger, more familiar, theoretical base? Or maybe the professor just picked out an interesting, discuss-able reading? Or did I just luck out and get a lot of enthusiastic students?

Last week I discovered the poetry of Tom Wayman. If you have ever taught a college class you’ll appreciate Did I Miss Anything and The Detroit State Poems: Marking.