Recently I came across this report of a new study which links chronic migraines and depression. I have read a number of news reports suggesting that there is a genetic or brain chemistry link between the two maladies. Since I suffer from both, this interests me greatly. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the link is very tenuous. In this particular study they compare the rates of depression in women who got 15+ migraines a month to women who get less than 15 migraines a month. Were they really surprised that women who got more than 15 migraines a month were more depressed??? Considering that migraines can last up to 72 hours? At most I get around 4 migraines a month and I feel like it has a major impact on my quality of life. My favorite part is this quote, “This relation between migraine and major depression suggests a common neurobiology.” Wouldn’t a simpler explanation be that being in severe pain on a regular basis might contribute to major depression? Seriously, 15 migraines a month, who wouldn’t be depressed?