This morning one of my professors said “Watch out about listening to academic bloggers, they are probably people who have had negative experiences, so they might not be the best people to be getting advice from.”

This came up because for whatever reason the six other people in my class can never get there on time and so I was making conversation with him. He mentioned that he was hosting a job candidate and that the candidates had to give two separate talks, one for the department (there were several possibilities) and one for the major. Joint appointments complicate job searches because you have to be approved by two (or more) different disciplines, and being interdisciplinary, I’m concerned about this process.

I mentioned something how I’m always trying to understand these processes in order to maximize my chances. Then I revealed that I read academic blogs and he responded that maybe bloggers weren’t the best people to listen to.

Are bloggers more disgruntled than others? I’m probably the most disgruntled blogger that I know, but in general I haven’t found people to be less successful or more dissatisfied than the people I know in RL.