I read comic books and I’m not afraid to admit it! This week I picked up some new issues of Strangers in Paradise from the comic book store. I read some other comic strips online, but SIP is the main comic I pay money for.

Say you find yourself, like I did, with a geeky, yet oh so lovable boyfriend and so you mysteriously end up standing around in a comic book store, bored out of your mind. I highly recommend picking up the first issue of SIP, just to give you something to do while you wait. I was almost immediately hooked on the characters, but what keeps me coming back for new issues is the dramatic storylines. (I was going to describe them as “soap-opera-ish” but these days there are a lot of programs that aren’t soap operas that have similar plot devices-Heroes, Lost, 24. Literary experts help me out, what is a good word to describe long, drawn out dramatic plot twists?)