Beorn pointed me to this comic. I kept on reading, expecting a punchline. It never came. I thought this negative stereotype of role-playing died out in the 80’s. I’m more used to the stereotype that all gamers are teenage boys with no social skills, but the main characters in this strip are both young women.

(I’m not going to the trouble of reposting the pictures, although they are hilarious.) Here are the things I learned from “Dark Dungeons”:

Remember, if your character dies, your friends won’t allow you to roll up a new character, so your life is over.

Playing D&D is intense occult training!

Priestesses of Diana are into bondage.

Spellcasting results in financial windfalls, that’s why witches are all millionaires.
Next time I get stressed out I’m going to let Breena take care of things.