This makes me really upset!
Vegan couple gets life over baby’s death – Crime & Punishment –

Where were these people’s families? Where was their midwife? The story doesn’t tell anything about why someone wasn’t there to advise them. It just makes vegans and people who have their babies at home look really stupid. Feeding a newborn soy milk and apple juice is not normal for vegans or people that have home births.

Normally a home birth is attended by at least a trained midwife. I can’t imagine a sane person thinking it’s OK for a totally inexperienced couple to deliver a baby at home without anyone to help or advise them. Even the folks from The Farm started out with supportive friends and experienced parents around. Later Ina May Gaskin gained experience and training as a midwife. (I think mostly through delivering babies and reading.) If you read Spiritual Midwifery (I have only read pieces) you’ll find they did many stupid things, but I just can’t imagine not reading or getting advice from anyone during your pregnancy.

I can only speculate that these parents thought that the baby was getting enough breast milk and that he wasn’t? Where was La Leche League? I don’t know if baby formula that is soy based is actually made with no animal products but it’s just common sense that you don’t feed a newborn just any liquid. Can you imagine going through nine months of pregnancy and not reading anything or talking to anyone about becoming a parent?

There has to be something else going on with that family. Something very wrong.