Today my dear friend Trillwing pointed out something very interesting about Harry Potter. So here is the question…Why does Harry Potter wear glasses? If you can transform someone into a cat, wouldn’t it be fairly simple to fix the shape of their eyes?

In response to this I thought that certainly Harry Potter fans must have thought of this and explained this plot flaw. As the story line of Galaxy Quest points out, fans often have the important details of fiction worked out more clearly than the stars (or writers) do.

So here are a few quotes from The Leaky Lounge

“why doesn’t Harry or a better witch at charms or transfiguration, just say, “REPARO!” and fix Harry’s eyesight!!!”

“I’ve actually wondered about this too – I mean Hermione fixed her teeth didn’t she? And yet, it always seems there are things in the wizard world that just can’t be fixed with magic. Also, I believe Arthur, Dumbledore, and Percy (?) all wear glasses, so maybe its not that simple.”

There are also some interesting speculations about the symbolic meanings of Harry’s glasses and the possible plot significance of the glasses. I’m still not satisfied with any of the explanations.