I understand that professors need to limit the amount of time they make themselves available to students, so that they can get other work done. On the other hand, as a grad student I have things I need to talk to people about and I feel guilty standing in line with the undergrads during office hours.

I know that this is the undergrads’ only opportunity to get attention from their professors, so I hate to “steal” that time. There are only limited office hours available and in the last few week I have stood around, waiting in line for several professors. Then I feel guilty because I’m causing people to miss their lunches or neglect other work when they finally get to me. I would much rather make an appointment. Then I could make it to the appointment on time and wrap things up on time, so as to avoid abusing other people’s time.

Whatever. Obviously I have an overly developed sense of not wanting to inconvenience other people. Or maybe I just hate wasting time standing around in people’s hallways. It makes me feel like some sort of interloper, begging for an audience.

Sometimes I “accidentally” run into faculty members when I know where they are going to be, just so I can get a couple of minutes with them. Otherwise a whole quarter might go by and I might not be able to find someone for a signature. I feel guilty about this, but then again, it seems like the only thing that works.