Lately I have been considering this blog. Sometimes I think my tone is too negative and I spend too much time complaining about grad school. Of course, this psychologist, supports me in my enjoyment of whining. I love her.

Despite her recommendations, I have decided that the problem with this blog is that I don’t let enough aspects of my personality out. I’m completely ADD in terms of my interests and this causes me some anxiety. I feel pressure to focus. Articles about how to write a successful blog always recommend focusing your blog on a particular topic and thinking about your audience and what they are interested in.

Instead, I have decided to blog about as many different topics as possible, which is fine because I’m not interested in attracting a large audience. In fact, this week I discovered that I can’t keep up with reading all the new academic blogs out there. My bloglines is overflowing with them, as evidenced my blogroll.

Let the randomness commence! (Wait, this might be an early New Year’s resolution.)