I am so angry right now. It looks like Beorn and I won’t be able to vote in the election because of what amounts to voter registration fraud.

In September soon after we moved to “Crunchy Town” we ran into some people registering voters at the local farmers market. This was our first chance to register, so we jumped on it. And handed our completed forms over to the volunteers to turn in.

Well now we have discovered, well after the deadline is past, that they never turned in our registrations.

Considering the stink that the MacCain camp made over Obama’s links to Acorn I feel very upset. I had a roommate working for Acorn in Chicago when I was in college and they work to empower people stuck in terrible situations, educate people and help them get themselves out of poverty.
If they did over-register people I have to believe that it was unintentional on the part of the organization. If they were paying people per registration then some unscrupulous person/people registered false names. But that wouldn’t lead to false votes, unless someone was going to the effort to vote under those false names. Since the motivation to register false names was money per registration, not per vote, that seems unlikely.

On the other hand, the people that took our registrations and threw them in the trash were intentionally throwing out our votes. I’m angry because I was looking forward to voting in this historic election. I wanted to tell my grandchildren, if I ever manage to have children, that I voted for the first black president of the US.