I know it may sound like I have gone crazy, but the combo of little money and a sick husband has resulted in lots of cooking experiments. Last weekend I tried homemade pasta and crackers. I have a little hand crank pasta roller that I think I must have gotten from a thrift store or a garage sale. The pasta was good, but not amazing. I think next time I have to add the flour more slowly. Too much flour in any kind of recipe is a big problem.

I found this recipe (Olive Oil Crackers Recipe – 101 Cookbooks) which uses semolina flour and a pasta roller to make crackers. I have never made crackers before, they turned out very tasty! They were easy to make too, the only problem was keeping an eye on them in the oven. I burn the first batch and then some batches I took out too early so they didn’t get really crunchy. The under-done ones tasted like flat bread or pita, so that was good too.

Sometime I want to try making granola bars. My granola turned out yummy, so I think granola bars are next.

Monday is Beorn’s next rheumatology appointment. The rheumatologist was amazing. He was friendly, thorough, and quickly concluded that Beorn most likely has rheumatoid arthritis. Hopefully this next appointment will result in some medication. In the meantime he gave Beorn a cortasone shot in his knee. Beorn could barely walk at this point so it’s been an amazing relief just to have a couple of weeks during which he wasn’t struggling just to walk around the house. We know cortasone isn’t a long term solution, but pain relief is important sometimes.