I really shouldn’t be blogging right now. Nothing brings on the urge to blog like having a really difficult paper to write. This quarter has turned insane. I can’t really keep up with all the reading I have to do and now I have to write a paper comparing the theories of Gramsci and Lefebvre.  Cross your fingers for me, as I have really had very little time to read deeply and reflect on their work. The good news it that I have a lead on a possible case study for my dissertation, which is what gets me excited. I’m enjoying my classes this quarter, but so far it’s been feast or famine. Fall quarter there were very few classes I was interested in, then winter there were too many to choose from. Next quarter there are a few classes that might be interesting, but I’m not sure that any of them will really help me get my research done. Also, there are quite a few departmental requirements that I need to get out of the way. I also need to pick committee members and try to test out of as many spanish language classes as possible.  I need to have three years of spanish by the time I take my comprehensive exams, hopefully a little over a year from now. I took four years a spanish in high school and then conversation classes in college. Unfortunately, those classes were so long ago that they don’t count for my PhD. Although I may use some spanish in my research, most of my work will probably take place in English, so this all seems somewhat “academic.”