For some reason, I haven’t felt like writing much this year. I hope this blog isn’t dead because I have enjoyed talking with various folks and reading other people’s blogs. Some academics seem to view blogs as a place were folks are just negative. I find that I’m able to write about things I wouldn’t be able to discuss elsewhere.

I think the reason I haven’t been writing is Beorn’s illness. This probably sounds very self centered, but I have found that it’s difficult to talk about the illness with folks who have never experienced a chronic illness. (Except for folks I’m very close to.) Beorn is now seriously disabled. As his wife and support person it’s difficult for me to explain the process I have been through in coming to terms with his illness and attempting to adjust.

Rheumatoid arthritis is such a strange illness, it took a long time to diagnose. For a long time, I thought Beorn was depressed and that was the source of his physical symptoms. His case is particularly severe. His rheumatologist said he had as much damage in one year as many people experience in ten years.  Being married to someone with RA has changed my life and yet, I’m not the one who is ill.

I have been very, very busy with my graduate studies. Now I’m just taking a Spanish class and getting ready to start my preliminary dissertation research, so I’m hoping to revive this blog. I still won’t write often, but hopefully I will average a post a week. As soon as I get into academic writing again, I’m sure the angst will set in.