This blog was started, several years ago, when my friend Trillwing began blogging. I basically just copied her ’cause I wanted to get into the discussion too. People criticize academic bloggers as whiners, but the whining has served an important function for me. The friends I have made here have been a support network for me when there were few people available to support me at my own university.

I’m a PhD student studying “the environment” from a social sciences perspective at a large public university I like to call “Crunchy U.” I like to write about my experiences as an aspiring academic so I use a pseudonym. In this blog my husband/partner is called Beorn. We live in “Crunchy Town” with our two cats, The Princess, a calico who is small in form but large on attitude, and BOK (aka Big Orange Kitty.)

Things I like to write about include my life, academia, science fiction, feminism, and gaming.